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Hotbands Radio at
HotBands Radio has recently become affiliated with to create our own radio station of artists we help promote

If you currently have an artist webpage at and at and would like to have your music added to our station, please make sure your artist page at is up to date, and follow the linking procedure located on the first page when you create your artist webpage. Once you have done this, email us, we'll spot check our link on your site.

Bands we add to our MP3 radio station are bands that have been selected for review. Things we look for from bands we review:

  1. Is your band registered on our website?  If it is, is your band information, bio, history, press, and other information current and up to date?  Do you have MP3s on your page?  We need to have the MP3s available from your webpage or able to be downloaded from in order to get your music featured.
  2. If you have an official website or a page at, is that page linked back to us? We give a free service and only ask for a link back in return. If you like our grassroots movement and having a champion for the independent artist, then do your part to help make our site grow!
  3. Styles: Any and all!  We don't have a particular genre of music we promote more than anything else, as long as it's good! 
  4. Definition of 'good': Do other people beside yourself like it?  You can generally tell if you look behind you and see people following your band around.  If you send us information, it will be followed up and researched, so please don't send us bogus info on your band.
  5. What have you done notable?  Do you have a big following in your local area?  Have you had thousands of downloads online or do something that created a 'splash' on the Internet?  We're always looking for stories that will help bring more readers to our site!

To visit our radio station, CLICK HERE

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