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Cowboy Surfer in New Orleans

New Orleans Louisiana based Brown Sox is a band that is not afraid to venture down the musical avenues less traveled, openly embracing change and experimenting for the sake of humanity. Their "patented" show props and psych"o"delic extreme drums capture a mood of originality. Guitar oriented. Catchy hooks. Slammin' grooves. Wistful Vocals. Refreshing, Alternative HardRock or "Altermetarocadelic" as they call it with a 21st Century Dark Metal Edge.

Bandleader Russell Ockmond explains: "We are influenced by day to day life, love, and pains, experienced under extreme doses!" Their style varies between Bach, Soundgarden, Beethoven, Korn, Mr.Bungle, Slayer, Metallica and Led Zeppelin. That should give you some idea. I guess you could say it is modern day, classical rock.

Brown Sox's line-up includes Russell Ockmond on pre-tensioned stringed warp enhancer (guitar), and pneumatically driven larynx sound exhibitor (lead vocals), Ernie Thibodaux on low frequency emittance modulator (bass) and secondary pneumatically driven larynx sound exhibitor (back-up vocals), Tim Hilton on interplanetary soundwave differential navigator (lead guitar) and SPDLSE (back-up vocals) with Seth Ramsak (though Danny Riley played on the CD) on Tubulatory onboard projectile diverser (Drums). At least that's what they say.

If you like hard rock music, then you will like Brown Sox. They deliver it with a punch on their 13 song, 56 minute CD "Lucky!?@#13#!?!?." My personal favorite tracks were "Country Dan" and "Foolish Me."

And this independently, self-produced and released CD asks a very interesting question in the ever changing musical landscapes that are emerging these days, "Do we really need commercial radio?" I think Russell and Brown Sox answer that question. With a little support these days, artists don't need commercial radio to survive.

There are screaming guitars, crunching melodies, hard rock vocalizing and from what I hear, an incredible live show that must be seen to be believed with their custom hand-made stage gear featuring their massive, Psychedelic, hydraulic suspension drum cage/riser, custom guitars, Gadgets, pieces, parts and what not's.

"Sounds like CREAM stuck in a boiling tarpit with ALICE IN CHAINS gnawing on its back." says Demo Universe. Succinctly put. Look for the JeTi Films release..."The Murder Men"...with 3 tracks by Brown Sox in the film as well as a cameo performance by the band...due out in Oct. '99.

I hear Russell even books outdoor shows with camping, fires and mad worshipping of ostriches and extremely amplified digitally reproduced notes at the Brown Sox compound in Westwego Louisiana. Turn left at the Alligator Farm and enter at your own risk!

Cowbow Surfer