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December 21st, 1998:  The Editor decided to crawl out of his cave and check out some bands in Austin, Texas this past weekend at the Austin Music Hall.

Sara Hickman played a solo afternoon performance singing and playing acoustic guitar.  Three hours of non-stop entertainment without a sign of being tired!  Her voice reminded me of a cross between Joni Mitchell and Chrissie Hynde with the stage presence of Bonnie Rait amped up a few notches.  Her lively songs were fun and carried a great message, but she stole the hearts of the audience with her Christmas songs.  Sara has truely remarkable control of her voice, and was a pleasure to see.  I look forward to hearing her with her full band.

W.C. Clark and his Texas blues-band finished up the festivities at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar at the Austin Music Hall on Sunday evening.  His five-piece veteran band with WC on vocals and lead guitar played to a full house carving their own niche in the world blues scene with an original blues sound, great hooks, lyrics, and the vocals of WC were definately Phat!  The W.C. Clark band is a well known attraction around Texas, and are definately worth seeing.