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February 11th - Murder of Crows -  "Toys of Desperation" CD review
by Patrick Ferris - HotBands Editor

Murder of Crows

Another band I was introduced to while on my trip to Seattle was Murder of Crows.  I met with band drummer Genevieve Williams who filled me in on what they're about. 
Murder of Crows is a four-piece Gothic-Rock band formed in late 1996 consisting of female lead vocalist Winter Jaye, The Deuce-guitar, James Murray-bass, and Genevieve Williams on drums.

Their EP Toys of Desperation is dark, melodic, and aggressive.  Although not your traditional "grunge" sound you would expect from Seattle, singer Winter Jaye has some very dark lyrics accompanied by HEAVY music.  When listening to their CD, I get into wondering what inspires the poetry of the lyrics.

Murder of Crows has the sound that will cater to lovers of Gothic-rock, with obvious influences of metal and industrial bands like Tool, Nine-Inch Nails, or Hole.  Although the band is relatively new to the Seattle scene, they have already started to draw a following of fans in the area. 

Genevieve mentioned that the band is currently working on a full CD and have intentions of more to follow.  We look forward to watching this band grow, and seeing them on an MP3 video.