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February 5th - Fedora at The Colourbox - Seattle WAbandpic.gif (48846 bytes)
by Patrick Ferris - HotBands Editor


While in Seattle on Vacation, I had the opportunity to meet with some of the top production studios, promoters, and bands in the Seattle music scene.  One of these was Fedora, a   six-piece funk/jazz/rock band headed by keyboardist/lead vocals and songwriter Jen Ayers,  backed by  Graham McNeill - guitar, Tony Chapman - sax,  Duke Grenier - bass, Tom Gural - drums, and Aaron Gibbs on percussion.

Fedora shares billing with the Northwest's top bands and has appeared with Phish at the Gorge Amphitheater, and the Radiators from New Orleans.

I had the chance to ask them a few questions before their show in Seattle's Pioneer Square at the Colourbox.

HotBands - Your first CD is out.  How long with the current lineup, and what direction are you wanting to take the band?

Fedora -We've been together since 1994ish, but have had a few band changes until we got a sound that worked.  Our newest addition is Aaron Gibbs on percussion, but this lineup seems to work good.  In regards to the direction of the band.... I guess we all hope for that million-dollar record contract, but our main goal at this time is to get our music out there.  This summer we will be doing a tour of the West-Coast, and would like to move across the country if we can.

HotBands - So your love is the stage and live shows versus studio work?

Fedora - Not necessisarily, but we defeninatly love playing to a fun crowd!  We feed off the energy, and it makes the performance better.  We definately want to tour the Country.

HotBands - Seattle from most of the World's point of view has a sound.  Some call it "grunge" or heavy raw music.  Your music doesn't necessarily sound "raw" so would you consider yourself falling into the "Seattle Sound" catagory?

Fedora - I feel (Jen) we helped shape the current Seattle sound!  The "grunge" scene in Seattle is still here, but there is an entire new sound of bands in this area.  It's kind of a funk-groove-jazz.  I think most bands don't like to be catagorized...we have a sound all our own. 

Jen's voice reminded me of Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics, but Fedora's sound is original.  Their album Tight Little Outfit is funky and well produced, but I think you need to see Fedora live to get a real appreciation of not just the music, but their showmanship.  This is a band to keep your eye on.  I look forward to updating on their tour and next CD.