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pjglobe.gif (15588 bytes)February 7th - The Puddle Jumpers  "Out of the Shadows" CD review
by Patrick Ferris - HotBands Editor

The Puddle Jumpers

While on business in Seattle, I met with Jason Webb from Fog-City Productions, and was turned on to one of the top MP3 bands on the internet, The Puddle Jumpers.  The band consists of band leader Rick Vartian, mandolin, bass, synth & vocals, George Michael-guitar & vocals, David McGrath-guitar & vocals and George Short-drums & percussion.

Their first CD, Out of the Shadows released in 1996 from their own label, Golden Goose Records is one of the best produced CD's I've seen, paving the way for internet music with cutting edge marketing, look, design, layout, and sound.  I expect to see The PuddleJumpers as being one of the first bands with a totally downloadable CD, with the CD case (which is somewhat of a book) available for purchase.

The CD is a great representation of the "New" Seattle Sound which I would classify as "groove rock".   Their music is reminiscent of Old World Galic folk combined with neo-modern rock.   The mandolin, arrangements, lyrics and harmonies make The PuddleJumpers sound totally original, and has driven them to the top spots on the charts. 

Their second CD Choices has taken The PuddleJumpers to a new level of international recognition with sales and reviews from all over the world as well as pushing them to the top of the charts with MP3.

I've never seen a band so dedicated to making their mark in the music industry. They have played major venues in and around Seattle including The Seattle Folk-Life festival, and Seattle Peace Concerts, gaining fans and recognition without major label backing.

The one regret that I have is that I never had the opportunity to see the band perform live, but I look forward to catching their upcoming tours.  I pick The PuddleJumpers to be the next major band from the Seattle area to hit super-stardom.