Vince Vrbancic - Chatsworth, CA

vince.jpg (7151 bytes)Vince Vrbancic - Chatsworth, CA
By Pat Ferris

It's incredibly hard to get to everything sent to me, but the bands that have been top referring bands to our site, means to me that their site gets a lot of traffic and therefore, deserves a closer listen.

I wrote this review from the office, where I used headphones and a T-3 line to stream a truely excellent artist and musical genius named Vince Vrbancic.

Vince's music is more than just a song; it's a texture, an aural painting that takes you wherever you want it to. Instrumental progressive rock along the lines of RUSH, YES in stucture, and similar with Steve Vai, in the guitar work. His site "bio" is as follows:


Vince Vrbancic has been playing guitar for over 25 years.

His playing & writing style displays a wide spectrum of progressive,symphonic,hard rock,ambient & jazz.

Influenced by anything & everything around him,Vince writes & arranges complete scores of music in his head varying from lush,pastoral tapestries to intricate,mind-boggling technical adventures that sends the listener on a visual & spiritual journey from start to finish.

Vince regards music as an art form,the way music should be regarded.He writes & visualizes music the same way an artist would paint a picture,creating a well balanced abundance of emotion & technique towards his carefully thought out craft.With the help of his fellow bandmates Michael Moje on bass & keyboards & Bob Craft on drums & percussion. 

Vinces music is not listened to,it is experienced...A true art form.


I have been listening to Parallax, from his site, and it is nothing short of incredible! The music as I write this, is taking my mind to new places. I'm now listening to "Straw Castles", and I feel like I'm being taken on a trip in a Heavy Metal (The Movie) type fantasy trip. All three of the tracks I've listened to could be soundtracks to almost anything exciting.

"Charlie Chan" is funky funky hard and jazzy with vocal cut's from Charlie Chan movies overdubbed and panned to make a fun, danceable, jammin tune.

"Shift" is something that I can totally see myself listening to when I'm skiing or skydiving! It's an adreneline packed, hard rockin, straight ahead progressive rock jam!

>"Nature" is another "New Age" songs that could be compared with Kitaro. All of the songs I've heard have been songs that I'll add to my "favorite ski CD's" list!

I look forward to hearing more from Vince in the near future and am excited for the next creation from his mind. I highly recommend to give this gentleman a listen!