Dolo - Raleigh, NC

Dolo - Raleigh, NCDolo - Raleigh, NC
By Pat Ferris

The third highest referring band to our site for last month was DOLO from Raleigh, North Carolina. I stopped by their MP3 site to see what their music was about, and as I listened to DOLO for the first time, it took me back to an almost 70's rock sound. Strong harmonizing male vocals adds a needed sound that has been missing in today's popular music scene.

Dolo's site has 4 cuts from their album due to be released today (June 16th, 2000), each showing the diversity of these musicians. As I listened through their songs, the familiarity of lead vocalist Bill Guandolo voice with the fat sound from the backing horns reminds me of the band,
CHICAGO. The lyrics are great and the arrangements are well thought out. Dolo looks on all fronts, to be a professional act with a bright future.

Their first cut, The Reason, is rapcore with excellent backing vocals. Utilizing an in-your-face approach to ignorance, it gets out a positive message. This was definitely the hardest of the samples I heard.

Deep Under, is a ballad that has all the makings of a hit song. This is one of those "chick songs" but if you have a fancy for ballads, I recommend to give this one a listen.

The Good Things is more of a straight ahead rock song. It doesn't show off the horn section but brings the roots of guitar rock back, featuring the talent of Dolo guitarist Neal Chapman.

Their final cut at their site, The Difference, really has that
"CHICAGO" sound to it. The beat, arrangements of vocals, lyrics, almost everything about of it has that familiar feel. 

I'm interested in following this band over the next couple of years! As I said, their first album is going to be released today (June 16th, 2000), and if they are as good live as they are in the studio, big things are destined for them!