The first 14 months was officially dreamed up in October of 1998 and I began developing those first pages that November.

The growth of our user base is because of the wonderful talent that we have attracted that has shown an interest in our movement.  I want to thank everybody that has contributed to our site for helping us get the word out to the musician's community on a global scale.

I wanted to have a "special issue" when we had our first birthday, but I never decided if the birthday started when the site was dreamed up, or when the first page was made, or when we started officially having monthly issues.   Since we've already passed all three of those dates, I guess we can celebrate, blow out the candle and call it good.

The bands that we have featured on our homepage have all been bands that had something unique that caught my eye (or ear).  Several of them are on tour right now (July 2000) and if you have the opportunity to see them, it will be an evening well spent. has attracted some attention on a larger scale, and we are looking to create some cool things for the music community, so stay tuned and buckle your seatbelts!



Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys - Houston, Texas
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May 1999
Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys - Houston, TX

This last year has been full of change (but no foldable money) & lots of surprises! You may remember Feb of 1999 we were creamed by an 18 wheeler. That really changed some minds about life on the road & the cost of living...Eric & Chris both left the band. The new members of the family are Calvin Hall on bass (he's back!! Not many folks know, he started this band with me 9 years ago!!) & Scott Daniels on guitar & vocals.

We've been busy recording tracks for 2 CDs at once. Both should be out next year. (one is a Blues CD for European release, & the other is more of our schizophrenic rock, blues, swing, country, zydeco, ragtime, freakout music for y'all) Also, look for Antone's "Young Guns" CD (out Sept 26) -- there's a track where I'm singing "Ain't Nobody's Business" with Derek O'Brien, Sarah Brown, & George Raines. It's pretty darn cool.

Also this year, we were lucky to have Fox's "Time of Your Life" pick up our song "Lowdown" (from "Bursting With Flavor") & play the whole song during an episode! 
Last May, I very unexpectedly got to do 2 things...
1) sing with Robert Earl Keen at the Woodlands Pavilion
2) play guitar with Los Lobos!!!
That turned my life around! I was having a terrible few weeks in my personal life (you can hear about THAT in my new waltz...) & then BOOM all this greatness falls from the sky!!! Thank You God!!! Look for us at Buffalo Chip Campground this August for Bike Week with a TON of bands ( & in Europe this November (my Birthday in Amsterdam with Lazy Sunday Dream!! Let's go to the Maloe Melo!!)

I'm living in Austin, Texas these days. It's been great. I came up here to write different stuff & voila, it's working! The rest of my band still lives in Houston & we ALL still live at the Last Concert Cafe every Tuesday. We have a new website & most of the stuff on it is working (knock knock) it's

I hope this next year brings you all the happiness you can catch!
Love & Loud Guitars,
Carolyn Wonderland

Phat Sidy Smokehouse - Seattle, Washington
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June 1999
Phat Sidy Smokehouse - Seattle, WA

Phat Sidy Smokehouse recently released their 4th CD which is a compilation of their last 3, and is on a summer tour opening for Steve Miller and Govt. Mule.  They opened for Bob Dylan and Phil Lesh in Phoenix on July 3rd.

They are currently unavailable for input, but an up to date tour schedule can be found at their official homepage


The Puddle Jumpers - Seattle, Washington
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July 1999
The Puddle Jumpers - Seattle, WA

The Puddle Jumpers have always pursured their music venture from a very independent position and have relied on the internet as their main way of reaching their audience. 

They recently released an exclusive MP3.  More information can be found on their site at

Alice - Toronto, Canada
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August 1999
Alice - Toronto, Canada

Alice has a full schedule throughout the summer in and around the Toronto area.
I haven't yet been able to reach Alice for an update on what they're doing, but a complete update can be found a their official homepage at

Melissa Reeves - Charlotte, NC
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September 1999
Melissa Reaves - Charlotte, NC

Melissa is one of the most active touring artists we've covered.  She is constantly playing up and down the East Coast with occaisional ventures to other parts of the country.   She performed in England last spring and  opened for Robert Plant in Nottingham in March.

A complete list of her tour dates and other information can be found on her site at



Jill Towers - Orlando, FL
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October 1999
Jill Towers - Orlando, FL

"I am in pre-production for my next CD, going back to Liverpool to record again. Deep Purple founder Ian Gillan & I will be singing a Deep Purple song together on it, although the song hasn't been decided.

I also got an endorsement from Carvin, got a nice new guitar, and  two songs from my album "Welcome to Dreamfield" are being played on programmed music by Starbuck's & Amtrak rail systems.

I will be playing the northeast in September solo/acoustic.  

More information can be found on her site at

Emilio - Denver, CO
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November 1999
Emilio Emilio - Denver, CO

Emilio Dominguez has a busy schedule over the Summer in and around the Denver area.

We haven't been able to reach him for an update, but more information on local performances can be found on his website at

Eraserhead - Grassvalley, CA
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December 2000
Eraserhead - Grass Valley, CA

"Since our interview, we  finished and put on the internet a total of 12 DAM CD's through

Another project is the Battle of the Babe's eZine  which has been growing every month. To expand traffic for the eZine, we are opening a mega-store that will sell everything from coffee cups and mugs, to  mousepads and possibly t-shirts for all the participants of the battles.

The band is in the process of writing new songs and wanting to do some touring in early 2001, andmay still issue more CD's as we have a bundle of archives to choose from."

Stuart Smith - Los Angeles, CA
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January 2000
Stuart Smith - Los Angeles, CA

The last album, Stuart Smith's Heaven & Earth has gone to the sixth pressing over in Europe.

"I've signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records for the new Heaven & Earth album which will be a band project and called "Windows to the World".  It is being produced by Howard Leese from Heart and will be released later this year. It features Myself on guitar, Kelly Keeling, (Baton Rouge/Blue Murder) on vocals, Richie Onori, (Heaven & Earth/Aliens of Extraordinary Ability) on drums, Arlan Schierbaum on Hammond B3, and bass duties are shared between Howard Leese and Marvin Sperling, (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability).

Also, both Dean Markley and Gemini Sound Products (who I endorse) are bringing out full page color ads of myself in the music press."

Up to date information can be found at his official homepage at

The Mark Austin Band - Dallas, TX
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February 2000
The Mark Austin Band - Dallas, TX

We are still working on our CD. One song is in the mixing/mastering process. We also just cut the rhythm tracks to the last song. We're taking our time and making this something we will be proud of.

We're also getting airplay in Brazil at Cultura FM in Campinas (SãoPaulo state) and their waves get 10 cities around. The particular program has 300,000 listeners and growing. I sent both of my solo CD's and the Live at Blue Cat band CD as well as two pre-release cuts from the new CD.

For the time being, we are playing locally once a week until the new CD is finished, and everyone is making their way freelancing, most quite well. My trombone player, Keith Adkins, is doing dates with Don Henley and just did a simulcast with the Eagles. 

For more information, visit his official website at


Swamp Mama Johnson - Seattle, WA
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March 2000
Swamp Mama Johnson - Seattle, WA

Hi, it's Leah, the bassist for Swamp Mama Johnson. I am currently doing the job of publicity and promotions for the band and am very excited to give you an update on our last year of touring.

Last fall we were invited to play in Memphis at a big festival called Bluestock! So we loaded up the van and set off on a cross country tour. We played in several states including Illinois, Tennesee, Missouri (ST. Louis) Montana, Wyoming...I think that is all. We had a great time and met some wonderful people on the way.

The fall also had us riding high as we were named Seattle Weekly's favorite band, and our CD (released in June of 1999) stayed on the Northwest top 10 list for several weeks.

We stayed close to home for most of the winter months, but pulled out all the stops on our Millenium Celebration, which was held in the Sudden Valley Dance Barn. The world didn't stop and we rang it in right with champagne for all and a rousing rendition of "The End of The World as We Know It."

We have been thrilled to play so many sold out shows over the past year, but maybe our favorite was the Mardi Gras show at The Wild Buffalo in Bellingham. So many crazy costumes! You can see some photos from this show at our website (

And starting off the festival season right, we were invited to play at the Catalina Island Blues Festival in May. A truly perfect evening, looking out over the Pacific Ocean, playing music to an enchanting and appreciative crowd, and bringing the gospel of Swamp Mama Johnson to an idyllic and inspiring place.

The summer finds us very busy, travelling throughout the Northwest, inluding many festivals in Canada and down to Lake Tahoe in August. Please check our website for a show near you!

Some highlights of the festival season:

Cranbrook B.C. -- Bluesiana, 2000
Sunbanks Blues Festival -- Grand Coulee, WA
Folklife Festival -- Seattle, WA
Heritage Festival -- Seattle, WA
Chochookum -- Langley, WA
Gorge Games -- Hood River, OR
Lakefair -- Olympia WA July 14th Friday 9:00 pm
Loganberry Festival -- Greenbank BC July 16th Sunday 4:30 pm
Concerts on the Commons -- Tualatin OR July 21st Friday 6:30pm
Salem Art Fair -- Salem OR July 23rd Sunday 2:00 pm
Ballard Seafood Festival -- Seattle (Ballard) July 30th
Moxee Hop Festival -- Yakima, WA August 5th Saturday 7:30pm

This is only a small part of our summer schedule, please refer to our tour list on our website for more dates and information on directions to the shows, etc...

Also, we are currently working on our next studio album. We have finished a pre-production phase and are projecting a release date of Winter 2001. We are performing new material that is to be on the album in our shows now, so hope y'all will come out and listen, dance and create general merriment with us.

Thanks again for your support and interest in our band.

Leah Hinchcliff
Swamp Mama Johnson

You can get more information at their official homepage at

Giulio D'Agostino - Genova, Italy
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April 2000
GD - Genova Italy

Giuilio D'Agostino or "GD" as he likes to go by is one of the hardest working young musicians I've had the opportunity to work with.  He is on ICQ with me at least twice a week letting me know what he's doing and where he's been.

He was in New York last month on a music/business trip and is now back in Genova Italy.  Here is a list of some of his current projects.

  • Preparing in the Orange Studio the 'GD Band' Jazz/Fusion EP, produced by GD and mixed by my personal sound engineer.
  • Partecipating to the fusion between Italian, French, Spanish and German MP3 industries to create the multinational industry of MP3 Entertainment
    named 'MP3 Ring' (it will be 5 July in Paris)
  • Preparing to the Summer Italian Tour, with the GD Band, and, also, meet personally 19 July, Pat Metheny.
  • Waitin' for the sending of the DAT of many artists (Kathy Fisher, Emily Richards, Phoebe Legere, Shari Pine, Suzanne Smith and many more).
  • Preparing for the 2000 Fall German / Nordic Tour, start in Ravensburg in the first half of October, performed with the GD Band.
  • Composing the music for the happening in NYC during September, organized by the Move*ment for the solo artist Anki King.

More information can be found by visiting his official homepage at

Kina - Los Angeles, CA
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May 2000
Kina - Los Angeles, CA

Kina is on a nation-wide tour promoting her official CD.

Her first release alone, Girl From the Gutter was the sixth most added release in Top 40 radio-- and her self-titled CD won't even be released until July 18. 

She will be on tour throughout the Northeast during July of 2000 and is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on July 18th. 

Complete information, tour dates and even "downloadable ticket" which gets you a discount to her shows, can be found at her official homepage at

Rumble - Lowell, MA
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June 2000
Rumble - Lowell MA

The latest addition to our featured artists, Rumble had the cover last month. 

Visit Rumble's official homepage for a list of upcoming shows and events.