Silverman - Cheltenham, UK

Silverman - Anna Dennis, Martin WIllamsSilverman - Cheltenham, UK
By Pat Ferris

From Cheltenham UK (near London) comes one of the hottest unsigned MP3 artists to hit the internet airwaves. The Artist self-description is "Experimental, song oriented excuse for the world to hear Anna" which, if you take a listen to their tracks on their site, you'll understand the point.

Their bio outlines what is the foundation of what is sure to be a new talent to emerge on the UK music charts.

1998 - 21 year old West Country studio virgin Anna Dennis meets neurotic malcontent Martin Williams in a Cheltenham bar. They know they need each other. Songs are written and spells are cast. 1999 - After near lethal levels of alcohol, dreams, blood sweat and fear they emerge from the studio and gift to the world their debut collection of songs, collectively entitled ARCHANGEL.

Prior to that, it isn't any surprise they had an early start.

Anna - "At about the age of 12 I started turning my little ideas into songs with the help of my friend Charlotte, and then went through a series of short lived band projects that were formed by advertising in Trade It!! I then moved to Cheltenham, recorded some acoustic songs with a Media Studies student friend. Tim Pear (hello wherever you are) I started playing acoustic nights in Cheltenham where I stumbled across a dark stranger called Martin who kept bringing me tapes to inspire me to greater things (well at least that’s what I thought they were for !). And now here I am here. Taking a moment of emotion, feeling or thought and exploding it into a song. Exploring states of being, asking questions, seeking truths and sharing conclusions. "Singing is what I love best, it’s what I do"

Playing guitars, drums, samplers and anything they can get their hands on, their music is created to accent Anna's poetry-laden vocals. Similar to Tori Amos in her sound, Anna's lyrics and voice are beautiful and strip your emotional shields down to the bone. Several of their songs, including "Time is a Blade" and "Black Rainbow" have the makings of a top-40 chart-topper.

They have already been a fairly huge success on with over $1800 in pay-back earnings to date, that they've earned from the fans that have downloaded their music. I'm looking forward to their next release which they are in the process of making, and hope to catch them on a tour if that is the route they are pursuing.

For more information and to hear cuts from their CD "Archangle", please visit their site at