Humbucker - Niagara Falls, NY

Humbucker - Niagara Falls, NYHumbucker - Niagara Falls, NY
By Pat Ferris

Creative marketing of a band is one of the things that always catches my eye and when I got Humbuckers "confident" post on our message board of being the "Best Unsigned Band in the Country...PERIOD", it made me HAVE to take a listen (to "debunk" their statement if nothing else).

As I started reading their resume of television programs their music has been played on:
(X-Files, E.R., J.A.G., Nash Bridges, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Touched by an Angel, Promised Land, Guiding Light, As the World Turns) I figured out they weren't your average weekend warrior bar band, but a serious project that was heading toward bigger things.

Together since 1990, this 5 piece consists of:
Peter Vogt - vocals
Bruce Wojick  - vocals/guitars
Peter Ajemian  - vocals/guitars
Leo McDonald  - bass
Mark Pirolli  - drums

With two CD's currently released, they have a busy schedule throughout the summer touring the Northeast. Their music would fall under the realm of "alternative pop" (whatever that really means), but the MP3 samples at their site reflected a solid band with good lyrics, great hooks and untapped potential.

A band for the guitar-rock aficionado, Humbucker has a very seasoned sound with excellent vocals, harmonizing and guitar work, that is ripe for the picking as a band that you might see signed to a major label in the near future.

Although nothing can replace a live show to judge a band's sound, they have plenty of great MP3, and Real-Audio samples at thier official homepage along with their tour schedule, photos, and other band info.