Goocher - Elkridge, MD

Goocher - Elkridge, MDGoocher - Elkridge, MD
By Pat Ferris

Based upon a recommmendation from this month's Featured Artist Vince Vrbancic, I took a listen to one of his favorite artists...a one-man musical virtuoso from a small town near Baltimore who goes by the name of "Goocher".

In Vince's own words from one of his short reviews at said:

"Goocher is a remarkable guitarist, bassist, programmer & songwriter of the highest caliber. His writing style allows him to cover a considerable spectrum of musical genres including rock, progressive rock, fusion, jazz, groove, the list goes on.

His chops are as equally amazing. Shred, taste, melody, you name it & Gooch does it.
I haven't heard tones like his since Eric Johnson, Alan Holdsworth & Hendrix! I'd swear in some sections I'm actually hearing these guys, yet Gooch brings forth an originality all his own, putting an incredible amount of thought into everything he does.

It's easily apparent that he puts every ounce of himself into his writing, he pours his very soul into each & every note. His bass playing is just as impressive as his guitar playing, he lays down some of the funkiest bass grooves I've ever heard.

Regarding his production skills, Gooch records & masters his music right at home, achieving a spacious production as professional quality sounding as any studio. His CD "Germinate" is living proof of a top notch production & an unforgettable listening experience. This virtuoso is a true master at his craft, he amazes me to no end.

Got Gooch?"-------Vince Vrbancic


I've always been a fan of progressive rock and jazz fusion, but the one thing that is "commercially" lacking for the would be vocals. However, I'm sure that as the internet allows overseas markets that are hip to progressive music expands, musical virtuosos such as Goocher can be rewarded for their efforts.

Taking the time to listen through his songs, I found that his music, much like Vince's smacked of a progressive rock/ jazz fusion flavor, with odd time signatures, tasty fills and musicianship that keeps you interested.
  When I visited his "official homepage", I found that it was still under construction, but due to be finished soon. 

I recommend to take a visit to his page to get the full flavor of this man's talent.