Bob City - Columbus, OH

Bob City - Columbus, OHBob City - Columbus, OH
By Pat Ferris

We often get CD's sent our way from artists, record companies, or promoters and I honestly try to get to everything sent us. A few months ago, Derailleur Records contacted us regarding promotion of bands. They also sent on the CD of one of their newest projects, Bob City.

Their self-titled CD release, Bob City,  is hard-drivin, hard-rockin blues/metal...kind of a collision of AC/DC and Motorhead. Dual-guitar shredding, thumping bass and driving drums lay down the groundwork for lead vocalist Justin Tesa's raw screaming vocals.

The first song on the CD "Boystown", is a rocker that should be listened to with the volume on 11!  What can I say?  These guys totally kick ass!  I remember listening to AC/DC, Nazareth, Motorhead and the like back in high-school, and Bob City would have fit in perfectly with my collection!

Bob City - Columbus, OH (CD Cover)Their songs all had great hooks, and kept my interest.  Although it's a bit hard to understand the lyrics (and they weren't printed on the CD), I was able to pick up enough to get a kick out their attitude. It gives the listener a chance to see the world through the eyes of a 20 year old.

Bob City plays live around the Cleveland and Cincinnatti area and recently returned from New York.  If their live shows are anything like their CD, I'll look forward to hearing a lot more about them. To put it mildley, Bob City is nothing short of intense.  True head-banging rock and roll that is so sorely missing from today's popular music scene.

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