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Louisville, KY

Radianation -   Louisville, KY 'Don't Wake Up From My Dream' (LouiPimps Records)
By HotBands Assistant Editor - Michael McCammon

Radianation is an electronic artist who is uncommonly great coming out of Louisville. For those familiar with the Louisville music scene, one mention of an electronic act and Big Head comes to mind. If you think Big Head is good, check out Radianation. Recently I had the opportunity to experience Radianation perform at Hometown Heroes 1.0 and instantly picked up a copy of his cd, 'Don't Wake Up From My Dream.'

Radianation blends the sounds of house, trance and techno and from the opening track, 'Louisville's Got the Element' the stage is set for a perfectly created album. Showing his flexability, 'Get Down Syndrome' reminds me of the Miami
South Beach sound with the inclusion of the horns. Some of Radianation's influences can be heard in his tribute to the Pet Shop Boys on 'It's Emotional.' The vocals of Maureen O'Malley on 'Turn It Up' create a smooth, passionate and moving song, which may quickly become your favorite.

If forced to select a short list of stand out tracks, I'd select the following: 'Louisville's Got the Element,' 'Necrology,' 'GoodStuff,' and 'Absolute Virtue.' Choosing just a few was a difficult task, because the entire album is perfectly assembled.

Radianation lists The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, KMFDM and Michael Jackson as some of his influences and if you listen closely, you may hear touches of each throughout the album. Two great examples would be, 'It's Emotional' and the Pet Shop Boys and 'Necrology' with small touches of late 80's Depeche

Radianation named this release accurately; you won't want to wake from his dream. This album is non-stop for 74 minutes and once you place it into your cd player you will quickly be amazed at how enjoyable the next hour of your
life will be. Any fan of well known electronic acts like The Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers or Fatboy Slim owes it to themselves to discover Radianation.

At this time, I am not aware of a future show by Radiantion, however, more information on Radianation and similar artists can be found at http://www.louipimps.com.