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Tampa, FL

Midnight Bowlers League -   Tampa, FL
By HotBands New Fan/Reporter (thanks)  "Chris"

On April 10th at a local outdoor hoe-down, I had the pleasure of catching a local rockabilly band, the midnight bowlers league. this is a four piece combo, that lives out there 1950's style. they were complete with 50's guitars to an old upright bass. these four guys played a variety of covers and many originals.

it was hard to tell what were the originals, because they all sounded like they were written in 1956. they did an almost scary version of sleepwalk, that sent shivers through my spine. the highlights of there originals were custom 880( a car that one of them actually drives), ball return, and a wild twangy song "Drinkin Lincoln". this Tampa rockabilly combo had so much energy, my gal and I danced the set. there wild stage antics just added to the set. the CRAZY bass player kept you wondering what he was gonna do next. he actually threw his upright bass well over his head and jumped over it, with out missing a beat. The lead guitarist has a twangy style with a mean edge, all while the drummer hits those rim shots and works the brushes. these guys promised to be recording a full length CD in the latter part of the year. I'm sure glad these are local boy's, we plan on catching there next show. they really had us all worked up! they also stated that they will be playing all through out the south east in the next few months, and are working on releasing a 45 on a European label. these guys, who are extremely nice, gave me there website address, and I surfed on over. this was where I found the HotBands list. I was very happy to see them appear on it. I think your page is great for local and unsigned acts, the small scene always needs support. thanks a million!

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