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Fort Myers, FL

snap.jpeg (5256 bytes)Kaleidepy - Ft. Myers, Florida
"snapcracklepop" (demo review) 4-26-99
By HotBands Columnist, Michael McCammon

A few words that might describe this band are original, strange, eclectic, eerie, and thought provoking. They describe themselves as an "eclectic, experimental group, creating sound and music within conventional and unconventional methods. With a sonic spectrum that stretches from hook-laden pop to the avant-garde." Trying to compare Kaleidepy to other artists is  difficult. Maybe a cross of Sonic Youth, pre "Licensed To Ill" Beastie Boys, Beck and Yello is the best way to describe them. The five track demo, "snapcracklepop" is one of the most unusual, but interesting group of songs that I have heard in quite awhile.

The first track, "Wrong Number," reminded me a lot of an early track by the Beastie Boys called, "Cookiepuss". The distorted vocals and basic drumbeat mixed with subtle keyboards create a simple, but likeable track. The next track, "Icicle and Warm," an instrumental, caused visions of the movie,  "Psycho" to flash trough my mind. The dark and haunting sound of the echoing  and eventual pounding keyboards are very disturbing, but inviting. The third track from the demo, "snapcracklepop," entitled, "Disco Party," brings back the basic drumbeats and the distorted vocals, but introduces the interesting and soothing sounds of guitar that fits perfectly. "Pizza Party," starts with a solid bass line, quickly joined by the sounds of horns. Then everyone and everything, and I mean everything, are invited to join this Pizza party!  Because of this tracks humor and upbeat tempo it is my stand out piece on this unusual collection. The final track, "Sex with Robots," quickly reminds  me of early 80's experimental electronic artists Yello. It sounds as if  these guys and sampling an empty bottle of your favorite beverage. It is  joined by varying electronic sounds. If robots were to have sex, this definitely a great example of what it might sound like!

Kaleidepy will certainly grab your attention as soon as you hit play on your stereo. This band will either pull you in or make you turn it off immediately. I find them enjoyable and applaud them for their originality in  this time when that is difficult to find. You can listen to some of their tracks, read about upcoming releases and find locations on future performances at their web site at: .