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Tempe, AZ

snap.jpeg (5256 bytes)Bit O Jane "Live" 5-31-99
Tempe, Arizona CD Review
By HotBands Writer Lee Tarver

In the realm of today's music industry, it's unusual for a band to release a set of live recordings as their second CD. Then again, there is nothing usual about Bit O Jane, who was voted the "Best Unsigned Pop/Rock and Roll Band" at the 1998 Arizona Awards. The four-piece Tempe band, which emigrated from Michigan a few years ago, proves on their sophomore effort the amazing stamina of their live performances, so much so that they have since gone on to open for such popular artists as The Dave Matthews Band, The Wallflowers and, most recently, Seal.

On "Live," listeners can witness the awesome power of Bit O Jane's concert presence via rousing versions of "Little Grey Town" and "Someday," the title cut from the band's debut CD. There is also a second live rendition of "Another Song," which is just as good as the original concert recording that appears on their first outing.

The three front men -- guitarist Andy Joslin, guitarist Blake Thompson and bassist Chris Kulman -- provide the beautifully harmonized vocals on "Live." They are backed up by energetic drummer Scott Kusmirek. The CD also contains the bands' lively namesake song and three other previously unreleased cuts.

To learn more about Bit O Jane, visit their website at Some of the website is still under construction, but you can view select lyrics and listen to portions of some of the bands' songs, including the
original version of "Little Grey Town." 

There are sample cuts on MP3 of several of their songs at the HotBands indie CD store. Click Here