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Candy Says - Louisville, KYCandy Says
Kaleidoscopecd review
by HotBands Writer Michael McCammon

This Lexington based band has been around for over 7 years and there are nosigns of them slowing down.  After recently enjoying their show as theopening act for Better Than Ezra, I realized that this was a band full oftalent and potential. 

Attempting to draw upon influences, early U2, TheCranberries, October Project and Texas are four bands that come to mind.Aleah Metzger's vocals are engaging and relaxing at the same time.  The band,R.R. Hornback (guitar), Jay Baker (drums) and John Zangari (bass) create asound that is very inviting. Together, Candy Says is a band that draws on the listeners emotion.

As Candy Says took the stage the majority of the crowded club quickly movedtowards the front.  Once the band began performing, I quickly realized thatthis band is quite popular in it's hometown.   During their time on stage, I forgot that I was there to see Better Than Ezra.   Not only does Candy Sayshave a positive presence on stage, but they perform their music perfectly.  On this night, Candy Says was the highlight!  While the band is about to release a new cd, I thought that I'd provide a short review of their first full-length album, Kaleidoscope.

There is not a bad track on the cd.  First single track, "Walk Away" establishes the cd as one that consists of great musicianship, vocals and great lyrics.  The song, "As She Fades" begs to be a hit single.   The use of acoustic guitar and backing vocals are very impressive.    "Crash and Burn" reminds me more of early U2 than any of the other tracks.  Hornback's guitar reminds me of U2's the Edge's guitar styles found on many early U2 albums.  For fans of music from the 80's, especially The Missing Persons,"Upside Down" will make you long for the days of up tempo, happy songs.

While Kaleidoscope has been out for a number of years, it's still worth picking up.  As the band wraps up the production process of its new cd, The Pursuit of Happiness, they are performing in both Lexington and Louisville. 

For datesand locations, please check the official Candy Says Website.  A devoted Candy Says fan has also developed a Fan Page.