GD - Genova, Italy

Live at Genova, Forte '99
Giulio D'Agostino - Genova, Italy
By HotBands Editor - Pat Ferris

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A young man by the name of Giulio D'Agostino, also known as "GD" contacted our office via email and within minutes of our reply, he was contacting us again.  I gave him my private ICQ number to find out a little more about this ambitious musician from Genova Italy.

What I found out next was a few things:  GD Promotional Mugs
A. He was one of the hardest working people I've seen in the music industry so far.   He constantly promotes himself and has utilized every resource (specifically, free resources) to market himself to a global audience. Selling music and products that market himself.

B. His growing list of contacts, collaborations, and celebrity association was growing quickly for a 21 year old.

C. He wasn't going to take "let me get to you later" as an answer!  He persisted in contacting me, giving me info on what he was doing, etc until I took an interest in his project.

GD is a bright and talented musician who's musical style is nearly ambient classical with a Euro-flavor. 

So what does that mean? Beats me!  It is the best description I could come up with while listening to his music in the was relaxing to listen to.  Interesting female background vocals in English with an Italian accent. If you take a listen at any one of his many websites (the most extensive for some of his free music is at, you can see for yourself. 

His official English version website lacked the sparkle that I've seen on some websites that some bands are coming out with, but the thing that set GD apart was how well he was networked!   He had several different websites all linked up through different on-line distrubution sources as well as portals like  Other bands can definitly learn from his example on getting known!

We got together for a short interview the other day, and here are some of his thoughts...

GD backstage in Finland<HotBands> Hi there!

<GD> Hi Pat

<HotBands> What is your first name? I only know you as "GD"

<GD> My complete name is Giulio D'Agostino

<HotBands> And you are from the city of Genova which is north of Milan?

<GD> No, Genova is close to Milan, that is more considered as the 'Fashion City'

<HotBands> I think I have you listed in Genova right now. Is that the correct city for you?

<GD> Yes, I live much more in Genova, that is the city where I was born.

<HotBands> How old are you at this time? What instrument do you play?

<GD> Now i'm 21, I've began to play guitar and sing at the age of 16 

<HotBands> You've said you are doing much with some pretty big names in the music business.
Can you give me a list of the artists you have worked with, and how you got that gig?

<GD> Yes, recently I've done a complete production for Finland Pop Star, Steven Stewart and I've done many gigs with Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie's guitarist).  I've had many artists compliment my music, including David Bowie, Prince and recently David Cassidy

<HotBands> How did you get an audience with these people?

<GD> All my musical history began thanks to the help of Ron Bienstock, that's Joe Satriani's manager  he began a good promotion of my music. After my music was published on MP3.COM my manager began to contact them. They visited my site, listend to my music and so on.  That's how they got to know my name for my shows

<HotBands> Where do you perform the most? GD - Rapallo, Italy  'Fashion 2000' performance

<GD> Well, the past few years I've performed only in Italy, for fashion shows, and some live concerts,  but this year, if the SXSW people like my style and songs, I have intentions to perform in the UK, US and of course Finland!

<HotBands> What is the largest audience you've performed for to date?

<GD> My best performance is a totally sold out show last summer for more than 15.000 people

<HotBands> How many DAM CD's have you sold over MP3? Do you have regular CD's out too?

<GD> Yes, recently, I've began a serious push to sell CD trough the Net.  My Page is normally visited by more than 1500 people every day and making decent money. Infact, I've now sold more CD's online than to the audience of my live shows!

<HotBands> Wow, 1500 hits a day is quite a bit of traffic!  Would you say the majority of people visit your site from Italy, or are you more known in Finland and northern Europe?

<GD> My site is well visited by all people around the world I'm more know for the fact that  I'm the really one of the only ones in Italy that is well know in all the parts of the world,  thanks to the Net and other medias

tilt.jpg (11689 bytes)<HotBands> U know that I'll have several bands from Italy reading this, and maybe they' have seen you??

<GD> yes, I know many Italian bands, some of them compose interesting music

<HotBands> Would you say there is much of a music scene in Italy for live artists?

<GD> I think that our situation is simply different in respect to the rest of the world.  In Italy you can perform music and be the best artist but if you aren't a good-looking artist,  or a trend artist, the labels will not produce you. Outside of Italy, for example in Finland, the marketing and the showbiz will remain the same but same people will think totally differently,and, produce music in a "art's for art's sake" - way of thinking

<HotBands> How would you say the music coming out of Italy and central Europe differs from what is coming out of other parts of the world?   It seems to me that there is a lot of good stuff coming out of all over the world, and there seems to be a "sound" for each region.

<GD> yes, i agree but I think that many trends are born first in London or the United States; for example, Europop is a creation of the European MTV... Every nation possess its own sound  after people will decide if it's good to listen or trend to consume, and the labels will show their artist more or less, depend to the people request...

<HotBands> In the US, Seattle is known for a hard grunge sound, the South is known for blues/country rock like the Allman Brothers or ZZ Top, and Los Angeles is an Afro-Latin funk area, Detroit is known for Mo-Town and NYC seems to be pumping out a lot of rap. How would you classify YOUR music and how would you compare it to the majority of music coming  from Italy...or is Italy's sound broken up by regions much as it is here (This is a generality, and I'm aware there is all types of music coming from all areas)

<GD> well, the only difference in Italy for music is between South or North Italy... in the North Italy the well know artist are trend artist

<HotBands> Trend Artists like in Techno/Electronic pop?

<GD> More like dance and commercial dance music. In central Italy, people love punk and  power pop, and in the South part of Italy people love punk and hardcore metal, or every kind of hard rock bands... Recently, Rome has exploded in trend...Fusion between punk, metal and hard alternative like Smashing Pumpkins

<HotBands> Have you heard of SOS band? Metal seems to be most of the bands I've talked with from Milan

<GD> I've read some about SOS, but i don't remember clearly them.

<HotBands> I've chatted with Bruco from SOS band, and he seems to be quite a character as a front-man for a band, and they seem to have a great following there as well. yes, but in Italy sometimes the underground music is not so well know as the music
showed by the majors. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life here, so many bands emigrate to the UK.

<HotBands> I would like more bands from Italy on our site, and perhaps after I edit this interview, you can help me translate it into Italian so I can offer it in your native language

<GD> right Pat, I'll be very happy to help you in this! I'm open to any information about music and ways distribute it globally

<HotBands> There are a lot of cool sites right now that are making the record industry (or at least the United States record industry) very nervous., Napsters...these are a couple of them that have been targeted on the RIAA "black list".

<GD> yes, but the musical revolution has just begun, and no one else will stop it! The new era will be ruled by the consumer and NOT by the big labels...people will buy what they want and not what the labels THINK they want.

<HotBands> That's what I've been saying for a while. I'm an economist by education, and I think it's about time that the music industry was demand driven rather than supply driven.

<GD> Yes, the future in the music industry is to be driven by the artists. Many of my best shows have been totally managed by myself. I feel the future of the majors will be only in the distribution or promotion tips...if Internet will not replace them totally!  Internet is the new way to comunicate with fans and many great artist are just beginning to use it.

<HotBands> As cable and DSL (high speed) lines become more commonplace and computers become more powerful and affordable, you will really start to see a BIG change in the way music is delivered over the net. Websites will become more and more interactive, and you'll be able to see MTV type movies put out by indie bands on their own websites...this will be kind of  like turning your own website into your own MTV channel. The traffic will be driven by portals such as, and music will be streamed over internet radio 24 hours a day. HotBands just signed a deal to get internet radio on our site and we should be streaming music from all over the world in the next week or (15201 bytes)

<GD> This is the future Pat. That's great about internet radio on your site.

<HotBands> What type of music would you classify yourself?

<GD> Most part of my production are pop rock tune, but, due to the fact that many of my well know songs are glam, instrumental pop and alternative, I prefer to be known more as a pop (general pop) line with Andy Wharol's pop philosophy

<HotBands> At the time being, does your management have you booked for any tours of Europe,  Italy, or elsewhere?

<GD> My management is really interested in do some live shows in US this summer. I've received an offer by ECM for some instrumental's live in German, also for this summer, but i'm much more interested in do a live show in the US. I've work for PTV recently

<HotBands> Is there anything else you want to say for the interview?

<GD> finally i would invite people to visit my Web Page! Infact, everyone can go to and after, go to my other project called VEga 78; an alternative band promoted and fronted by myself

<HotBands> Thanks again G!!

<GD> bye and thank you very much Pat! See ya!